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Rave Gazebo - gesturally interactive audio-visual art piece in VR. Dancing influences the audio playback and visuals of the experience!

Oversaturated - a gesturally interactive beat drop simulator! You control the music playback, and the environment reacts.

Warm Shadow VR - a Virtual Reality melee fighting game with your shadow as an adorable companion!

Brookline Immigration in Full Frame - a series of 360 videos of people telling their families immigration stories.

Wrote music and ambisonic logo.

Dare 2 Drive - Reality Virtually Hackathon

VR Crime Scene - project leader, created in the MIT Media Lab with sponsorship from the Berklee Institute for Creative Entrepreneurship

Emily's Flowers - project leader, in collaboration with composer Sandy Chen, Berklee class project

Electroplankton in VR - Simmetri project created at The Public VR Lab during an internship

Bank Heist - Interactive Theater Experience in High Fidelity, with Live Scored Audio


Cyberpunk Noir - student project in collaboration with the FSU game dev program

Sleepy Jeoff - made at Global Game Jam 2019

In Good Spirits - Global Game Jam 2019

Hot Pot, 2017 - collaboration with Wenley Chen and the Brown RISD program

Ink Platformer, 2017  - collaboration with Wenley Chen and the Brown RISD program

Parade of Masks, 2018 - at the Anti-Defamation League Game Jam


Simulation Series interview on the future of art and music in the spatialized mediums



Video series of discussions on Interactive Music Videos in VR

Sound Replacements Playlist: Includes Psychonauts, Firewatch, Gone Home, and Papers Please

Tutorial on Creating Ambisonic Sound in Reaper for the Brookline Interactive Group

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