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This is a longer list of all the XR projects that Gregory has worked on, in approximate chronological order.

Immigration In Full Frame Logo

In 2018 while an intern at the Brookline Interactive Group, Gregory was tasked with creating an ambisonic logo for their series of 360 videos about Immigrant stories.

You can view an example video by clicking this link.

This was made using the Reaper Ambisonic Toolkit


This was the project submitted for the 2019 Reality Virtually hackathon at MIT to simulate the dangers of driving while tired or inebriated.


Gregory wrote and implemented the music, including a system that would distort the audio in real time as the player lost focus, and did the voice acting for the trailer. He also set up the looping engine sound.

Warm Shadow VR

Warm Shadow VR (2019 Unreleased) was a student project. Gregory did the music composition and sound design. In particular he was proud of the sword impact sounds. This project gave Gregory experience using the Resonance Audio Spatialization Plugin, as well as practice creating sound for a trailer.


The Heist

The Heist (2019) was a live interactive theater experience headed by Jason Moore, where a single participant would be invited to a virtual world hosted in the High Fidelity metaverse platform.

Actors would respond and interact with this participant, and the story had to adapt to the participants actions. I composed a wide variety of audio clips to represent the different locations, including a diner, the bank, the chase sequence, final battle, and more loops to respond to the user's behaviour.

To playback audio during the performance I set up an interactive audio system in Wwise, then implemented some buttons in a Unity project I could click on to transition to the next section at the appropriate time.

This project ran for a couple months, with weekly performances.


Oversaturated (2019 Unreleased) was Gregory's first attempt to create what he called an "interactive music video in VR". The project taught him much about Unity development, implementing audio in Wwise, and creating audio-reactive visuals, however playtesting revealed that the system was too complex to be explained to non-musicians, so he pivoted to a new project, Rave Gazebo (2023).

Hand Sounds

This project was a submission for the MIT Reality Hack 2022. It was an app that used the Hololens 2 scene understanding to apply audio-reactive textures to the environment.

We used machine learning to let users record gestures that could be used to interact with the music, though admittedly we ran out of time before getting a proper demonstration of the audio interactivity working.

Glass Destruction

This app was created for VR Jam 2022. The user is placed in an office made of glass with two baseball bats in their hands. Hitting the glass objects knock them away in zero gravity, and adds adds a refraction texture to the object that scrolls in ways that would be impossible in the real world. The smashed glass respawns after a short period of time to keep the fun going forever!

Rave Gazebo

Rave Gazebo (2023) is a dance-interactive virtual reality album that uses your dancing to remix a song in real time. The main input is simply gesturing in one of six directions, which switches between pre-composed layers of music. Each gesture interacts with the environment, sending physics objects into the scene and generally creating chaos. Learn more in our special Rave Gazebo Page!

This project started in 2019 and took over 4 years to finish

ALPFA Student Showcase

XR Terra has been giving seats to the Association of Latino Professionals For America (ALPFA) to teach them VR development.

Gregory created a demonstration of some student projects in 8th wall, to be displayed at the ALPFA convention in 2023

Fest Friends

As part of the Red Bull XR Hackathon 2023 Gregory worked with a team to develop an Augmented Reality app called "Fest Friends" in 8th Wall.

This app was meant to be used an a music festival to encourage festivalgoers to search the area to unlock new music released, record their own videos with the content to post on social media, and unlock rewards that could be cashed in at the Red Bull tent.

Loop Jam

Loop Jam won 2nd place in the Meta Quest Presence Platform Hackathon 2024 Utility & Design Experiences

It is a multiplayer looper pedal that uses hand tracking and passthrough. It solves the problem of audio latency when collaborating musically by recording audio to a repeating loop and saving the location for later playback.

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