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Demo of all 6 songs

Rave Gazebo is a dance-interactive album.

Flail your arms wildly and see the sound and environment respond to your gestures.

Experience visuals impossible to see outside of VR!

You are in control.

Song Playthroughs

The Rave Gazebo album comes with six songs. Below are sample playthroughs of each song, demonstrating the six layers and three bass grooves of each song

Behind The Scenes of Songs

These videos take a peek behind the curtain at the creating of Rave Gazebo's songs, explaining how some of the assets were created and the special techniques used to achieve fun visual effects.

Deeper Technical Dives

The next videos shine a spotlight on common techniques we used in Rave Gazebo that could be useful to those attempting to make their own dance-interactive VR songs. We talk about stencil shaders, giving information to the user, audio-reactivity, and more!

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